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The Germans and Scandinavians could cook up a starchy feast, but salt should not be the only spice in the chef's repertoire. Mexican spices run the gamut from cinnamon  to habanera chilies. Mexican chefs are also known to concoct such spicy mixtures as mole and chipotle to make their dishes snap. Traditional Mexican food is not the Mexican typical food that Americans eat at Taco Bell. It is a fiery mixture of Mexican herbs and spices that will awaken the most uneducated palate.

There are as many different types of Mexican food as there are people who cook it. For example, one may think that cilantro is a must in traditional Mexican cooking, but you would be wrong. Cilantro is basically unknown in true south of the border flavor because its use originated in the US state of New Mexico. 

There are other spices which are almost universally used in flavorful Mexican dishes. Garlic, cumin, onion, and chili powder are mainstays that cannot be left out. If there was a mainstay spice it would more accurately be cumin. This spice is used in almost every Mexican typical food. Garlic may be thought of as more of an Italian spice, but within the complexity of any Mexican food can be found its pungent taste. Onion, leeks or chives are also known additives that give a base that is as welcome to the palate as salt.

Mexican herbs and spices are also sometimes mixed, as mentioned before, and used to garnish specific dishes. Mole is a mixture of spices gathered from whatever the chef has handy, kind of a Mexican Mulligan stew, that has Mexican chocolate added to it to give it a smooth, creamy texture. Chipotle is thought of as a kind of salsa here in the US, but it is actually just a roasted jalapeño pepper.

Speaking of peppers, it is impossible to think of spicy Mexican food without mentioning the variety of peppers that are available. Habanera peppers are the hottest of this family. The pepper that is the most well known to US residents is the jalapeño. This pepper can be used in so many different ways and it has a distinctive taste that adds to any dish.

It would be easy to fill reams of web pages with the delights that are Mexican dishes, but the spices alone are enough to make people weak. Spice is currency of a properly prepared Mexican food. Jalapeno's chefs know spices

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  • This is authentic Mexican Cuisine folks.  The kind your grandmother used to make.Not the stuff you get in Tex-Mex places, not the run-of-the-mill stuff you get in typical "Mexican" restaurants.

Our chefs learned their trade IN Mexico, FROM Mexicans, not in Texas or Utah.

The head chef learned form his grand mother, and from her daughter.  He tries to make them proud with every dish he prepares.

It's a long way to Mexico from

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